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A journey from small stakes to big stakes (hopefully!)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Playing at last

Played last night for the 1st time since the last post. Finished $500 up after about 2hours. I followed a fish to 10/20, won about $600 off him before he went busto in 30mins of play. I then sat at a 3/6 game, and won about $400 in my 3rd hand when I had AA and a guy called my bets all the way.

So $1k up in 45mins,I should just log off, but I decide to stay as the guy tht paid me off looks like hes dying to be stacked. These 2hands crush my profit in half:

Hand 1: I raise to $30 with KK, 1 call from tightish player. Flop 10102, I check he checks. Turn blank, I bet 48, he calls. River Q, I bet 96, he min raises me…I know im likely beat but have to call, he has 1010 for quads. Clown shoulda stacked me here

Hand 2: Tigho limps utg, I make it 30 in bb with AK, he calls. Flop 245 3diamonds,ive none. I bet 48, he calls. Im now done with this hand. Turn 3! I check call 48, river blank, I check call 48, he has K7 diamonds! Sick flop for him, but what a sick sick turn card! meh.
Wasn’t really in the mood to play at all. Hopefully I can get back into the games tonight, I need to clear that bonus by the end of the month I think!! Balance now $6500 on GJP

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Progress being made!

Cracking start so far! In about 7hrs of play since my last post, my a/c is now at $5.9k on GJP! Having very good variance as well as playing decent enough. An example of nice hands is when I raise with QQ, flop comes Q104, and I stack a guy for 450 with 1010! Another nice1 was at 5/10, where I had just floated and fish,bluffed him on turn, and showed. 4hands later I get AA, make it 50, he calls in sb. Flop comes 952, he pumps for $450 with 109 and I hold up! That’s been the major difference, my hands have been holding up, and it’s a big difference from 2weeks ago where I had my worst run of variance ever.

This little challenge has motivated me, and made me more focused…I just wish I could cram in more hours but meh. To make essentially $6.5k in one month of poker would be a huge achievement for me personally, as im not a major player by any means, and because I still only have 25k hands of cash experience! This thing will start being updated every evening now that I play, and hopefully ill have time to post more hands on boards for discussion. Im too lazy to read through PokerTracker, but ive a free weekend for once so hopefully ill spend an hour or 2 going through it and assessing my play, as well as cleaning out fishies!

Friday, November 03, 2006

A little challenge...

Havent posted much lately but ive been playing loads. When I last posted I had $9.5k in doyles, I now have about $8.8k having being as low as $6.5k! I had my worst 2days of poker ever, but have recovered since and should be higher than 8.8k but for some silly little play. I have put in a lot of hours since I last posted, mainly in 3/4hours sessions in the evening, and my hunger for the game is definitely back.

My game has inproved, but im still making mistakes. Im going to spend an hour going through PT on Sunday and maybe post a few hands on boards(im away all weekend). I also set up a Green Joker Poker a/c so will no longer be playing on Doyles. I deposited 3.5k and ive set myself the goal of $10k in the a/c by the end of November(including bonuses/rakeback). This probably wont be achievable for me but if I get in anyway close it will be a great achievement for me personally. On doyles, ive made about $7k over 22k hands which aint bad, but does include ablout $1.2k worth bonuses/rakebck. Considering I only broke even over 5k hands of 1-2, im still happy enough with it.

My plan is to update this thing with a short paragraph every night I play poker, saying how much im winning/losing that night and hat happened in the session. It wont be the most exciting blog but I think it will definitely focus me on my goal and make me play better. There will be no bad beat posts, maybe a few lolls, but feck it, boring but hopefully effective. Im hooked on this game once again!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Brief update

Wow, 2months since a blog! Well in august I got raped at work, unreal shifts I was pumping!Also there was an unreal amount of nights out and free drink which affected my willingness/ability to play poker. Then September I went to Lanzarote for a week and Stockholm for 5days with 20 workmates on a soccer/drink trip which was mental to say the least. I then immediately spent the next 3weeks cramming for my repeat exams and basically that brings my life up to about 6th October!

I played the €200 boards event which was great craic. It was well worth €200 for the structure. I thought I played well given the hands/situations I got, and even though I never got above the starting stack and had to just battle all day, I ended up losing a 50/50 for 30bbs at a crucial stage of the tourney which would have left me in great shape, but meh, not to be.

I then played the SE scalps game last Wednesday, great structure again. Felt I played well, but again no luck. The cards dried up and I was down to 13k at 300/600 having been at 13k at 150/300! I then lost half it with AK vs 1010 allin, and the other half 2hands later with AK vs AK suited who flops a flush! I felt id played solid, made a cracking bluff when apparatly my heart was thumping so hard it shook the table, but just wasn’t to be.

Playing a small bit online, balance at 9.5k, up just $500 since August but that dosent tell half of it!! Have lost a few huge pots at 5/10, and won a 3.5k pot at 10/20! Lol, I took a shot at a fish and it paid off! Ive been as low as 7.5k and as high as 10.5k, but anytime I seem to be winning I blow it. I blow it with mistakes, stupid bluffs, and bad calls. I end up spending the rest of my session trying to recover from this. It is not unusual for me to log on, not be focused, and be down 1k in an hour…far far too common these days.

Played a 3hr session last night and felt really good about my game. Im not overplaying hands, and I have found the ability to fold aswell. Im still not totally happy with my game, I still find myself having the odd lapse of concentration when in a hand, and in cash games this can cost you a fortune! These lapses are the reason why I am not in bigger profit.

I have also decided to stick to 3/6 as much as possible. I played plenty of 5/10 and was an overall loser. 5/10 on Tribeca is much tougher in that you don’t get as many fish. The minmum buyin is 500, wherase the minimum at 3/6 is like 60 I think, maybe 120, so the fishies are more easily attracted to this game. It is not uncommon for total luckboxes at this level to go from 120 to 1.5k in no time at all…they always give it back though…you just hope you get your share and hope they don’t suckout on you. Im fairly busy at work but the weekend ill put in a few hours between boozing hopefully and see how it goes

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Back and buzzing!

Havent blogged in ages as ive been too busy experiencing good variance lol! Ive been a card rack over the last few days as well as getting paid very nicely indeed.

After my last post I didn’t really play any poker for 2weeks, due to a mixture of boozing/football/pitch n putt etc, basically I jus wasn’t bothered sitting in playing poker during our class heatwave. With the heatwave ending, I started playing poker again last Monday, and ive been on fire since!

Ive been mixing it up between 2/4 and 3/6 and my table selection has been very good if I may say so myself. PT has helped me a lot with this. Also, I generally feel im playing good poker. Ive improved ten fold at cash games e.g. my lines are now much more profitable and also my continuation betting has dramatically improved. Also my hands have held up which is an obvious help, and Ive managed to avoid getting stacked in situations where I got stacked all too easily before. Here are some hands that explain my points:

Hand 1: Not getting Stacked – 3/6 - Tighty(but not rocky) raises to 21, I call with QQ, flop Jhigh, he bets 48 I call, turn blank, he bets 96, I fold, he has KK(or so he said!).

Hand 2: Not getting stacked – 3/6 - TAG makes 21 ep I call MP AQ, flop A rag rag, he bets 48 I call, turn K, he check I check, river blank, he bets 100 I call he has AK. Im disappointed here I paid him off on the river as my read told me AK as soon as he checked the turn, but still, in the past I often got stacked here

Hand 3: Good Variance. – 3/6 – 2limps, I make it 26 with AA, 1limp call. Flop A103 2clubs, he checks I bet 45 he calls, turn Ace! He check I bet 50, he makes it 100 with just 45 behind, I call. River 10, allin for 45, he has Q10!

Hand 4: Fishy pays me. – 3/6 - Fish makes it 12, I make it 36 with AK he calls. Flop is KJ8, he checks I bet48 he calls. Turn K, he checks I bet 80, he goes allin for 280, I call, he has AJ drawing dead!

The 2fishies are a case in point. I have been getting nice hands against them and they are paying me big time. There are worse ones than this, a fish called me allin in a 1k pot when I had the total nuts and he had top pair poor kicker on the flop, wtf! I aint complaing though and just hope that this continues! I have definitely improved though, and another example of this is my bluffing skills. I have refined my bluffing to target only certain players at the table, and also have the ability to fire 3shells if necessary but gladly I haven’t had to too often!

I now have over $9k in my a/c, that’s up about $5k when I last posted! All this money has been made in the last week, its incredible and is making poker fun again! Im now back at the stage where I cant wait to get home from work, log on, check the buddylist, and go fishing! It’s a far cry from my lack of motivation ive experienced with poker a lot in the last few months! Long may it continue!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Jambag Italians

Had €20 on France at 25/1 so the jambag Italians cost me €500! France had total domination, I could of laid at any stage for a gtd €200 profit but hey, im a gambler. Anyways I log on to Doyles straight after and am quickly up roughly $800 in a 2hr session! I stack a guy at 3/6, dope made a silly check raise allin on a 884 flop, I quickly called with QQ and beat his 99. At 2/4 I was also getting some nice hands and getting paid aswell, nothing too extravagant but money is money!

Last night, with $3950 in my a/c now, I log on at 1030pm, fairly tired but no TV to watch so decide to play. I find a maniac at 2/4 with a $1300 stack, get the seat to his immediate left, and 5mins later he doubles me up! The hand went as follows: He raises 16, I call A10 with 1other. Flop is K104, he bets 32. Now from playing with him I know for a fact he will check the turn if weak, so I call. The turn is a rag, he duly checks. I bet 64, he calls. hmmm. The river is another King, and he puts me allin for 132…I INSTA CALL and he shows 88, ty m8.So a cracking start to what would turn out to be the roughest night of poker Ive ever played!!

We were joined by 2 other calling stations at the table and I was in total heaven. Their VPIP was like 60% each…all 3 players! However I went shockingly card dead and also got done by beats. I lost a $150 pot to the calling station who called pot bets on flop and turn with 2nd pair, hit 2pair on the river, and then checks-behind me on the river!!!lol. I also chopped this pot due to a river 2 outer…listen to how bad the maniac was here: He makes it 12, I make it 37 with JJ, he calls. Flop is AQ10, minging! Check check. Turn is King, ive the nuts! Check, I bet 35, he min raises to 70, I jus call. The river is a Jack, FFS. He bets I call he has….10 5!!! I cant get a break at this table, and a card rack(unreal tbh) is raking it in, hitting everything vs the calling stations. I open up a new table with a maniac with $1600. (BTW when I call these guys maniacs it aint just me saying it…PokerTracker says it for me!)

This guy is uber-aggressive at the table and I decide to make a play against him to get him tilting…he tilts easily. He raises to 20, I call AK. Flop is rags, he bets 32, I call. Turn rag, he bets 64, I call. River rag, he checks, I stick 170 allin, he folds I show. THE VERY NEXT HAND, I get KK, he makes it 20 I call. Flop is 10high, he bets 32 I make it 112, he pushes, I insta-call, he has AA!FFS! Im never getting away from this vs this villain, especially after what happened the hand before. So cold decked, Im now down for the session, and a decent chunk of change aswell. Nothing goes right for me and I drop more cash in the following hand a while later vs the AA guy:
He limps, I make it 20, bb and him calls. Flop is 993 with 2spades. The bb bets out 16, he calls, I make it 72, both call. The turn is an ACE!Argh. BB checks, dopey bets out 100!I have to fold, BB calls. River is Q!!!!They get allin, bb with 1010(whom I stack on any low turn card,prob any high turn seeing as how he played it..muppet) and Dopey has A10 spades and wins a huge pot!! FFS, that turn really killed me.

By this stage im down $600 for the session, its now 12.15am and Im knackered. I have been card dead for ages, and dopey is been so aggressive but im getting rags after rags. I say 15more minutes, as I cant keep going on with these crap cards forever. I pull off a nice bluff vs dopey with 34 on an AQ9 board and show, knowing the muppet wont forget. 5hands later im rewarded! UTG is tight, makes it 12, dope calls I call with AQ. Flop is Q52, check, dopey bets 32, I make it 102, he insta pushes I insta call he has 1010. Ty idiot! I now have 650, and a couple of nice hands start coming my way and I leave the table with $850, meaning overall Im down just $50 for the session! Dopey went from $2400 to $1300 when he left so I was happy he donated his dosh around a bit before I left.

To finish just $50 down in a short but unbelievably swingy session felt great. I was struggling to cope with the beats last night which is rare with me lately, they just kept coming over and over, but to get back to this position felt very good. In the past I have gone on TILT etc but not any more, and playing through the swings is more difficult than playing when everything is going rosily! Hopefully now Ive had a bad session I will have a good session when I log on next..its only fair J! A/c balance now $3900 so solid progress being made,gl

Sunday, July 09, 2006

More 2/4 cash games

Thursday im hungover and leave poker till after I finish Soccer training. I log on at 10pm and am down $700 in no time at all!! This classic hand costs me a $760 pot:

2/4 nl – Villain utg makes it $20, hes a calling machine but this big raise signifies a hand, sb cold calls, I call in the bb with JJ(I have $373, villain covers). The flop is a magical KJ3 rainbow, sb checks, I check, and villain bets $32, sb folds, I check-raise to $112, he insta-calls. Turn is a 9, I stick my remaining $243 in…after a think, villain calls with the monster that is AQ!!!!! River is a 10…wow!

I proceed to run into quads, and run Kings into Aces. My mate tells me to log off…eh are you serious…that muppet at 2/4 now has a $1300 stack after more serial rapeage and is happy donating it. 3hrs later I log-off UP $30 for the session, the muppet had $300 left when I quit for the night. Working my way back up gave me lots of confidence as I didn’t let TILT affect me at all…sure the wall has a few cracks but Ill settle for that!

Friday and I log on around 1pm, Fresh as a daisy. I get a nice rush, make a lovely bluff, and am up $500 in an hour! Who needs to work eh! 2hrs later Dermo picks me up to go Pitch and Putt and Im moaning to him about finishing the session $300 down! What swings the game brings! The main culprits for my swing were two EXACTLY the same AQ hands, both times I raise preflop(suited both times), both times the flop is K10rag, with 2 of my suit, both times I build big pots with 15outs twice, both times I miss every out lol. I also got bluffed out of a big pot, I was outplayed on the hand imo but I think most decent players would have folded against this villain.

Saturday is hangover time again, but I log on at half time during the 3rd place bore, and stay on till 1.30 am, 2-tabling 2/4. I finish the session up $700, despite making a HUGE laydown. The hand went as follows: I raise to 14 utg with KK, bb reraises to 34, I call. BB is very tight. Flop is J108 rainbow, BB goes allin for $250!!!I fold, thinking QQ is only hand I beat, noway he reraises AJ imo, and also plenty of players tend to push with sets here aswell on draw type board…(it has happened me before on a J98 flop, a player open pushed after raising preflop with 99 and I called with 88). So I fold like a girl…he later says he had 99 when I Asked if Aces…in fairness 99 would make some sense here as he cant put me on an overpair to this board. Im gona post this on boards, gauge the reaction.

So that means my a/c balance is $3150, and ill put in a couple hrs later this evening before “studying” for the Theory Test. BTW it was my 1st time playing Pitch and Putt in 2years…boy was I good off the Tee, the greens I hit were magic…putting wasn’t great but I will destroy Dermo next time the fish.